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Ocean English Academy is the best English Language Institute in Gurgaon where experience embraces knowledge. Using a vast array of experience, we at the institute, first come down to the level of our learners and then bring them up to higher levels of learning. The vigorous experience that we have acquired so far has enabled us to gain an insight on the problems faced by the non native speakers of English to communicate effectively and efficiently and we have been able to customize our content and teaching methodologies accordingly, as per our student’s requirements.

At Ocean English Academy we endeavor continually to propagate an environment that would help and encourage our learners to grasp the skills to master the language within a prescribed time frame. Our content and training techniques are collaborative in nature with the current trends in the language training industry. We can say with pride that no other institute can match up with our pedagogy that we have sought for from various experts in the field of language training. Our classes give a unique reflection of a typical language training session held in the corporate.

Masterfully crafted and with the state of the art content, the training structure used in Ocean English Academy is more practical based and result-oriented. After a successful completion of a unit, assessments are conducted to gauge the learning curve of the student and to understand the areas of improvement. We are aware that a student needs personal attention at times; hence we have limited batch size. We also have the facility of extra class on weekends wherein a student can come to clear the doubts of any particular session.

We have roped in trainers from different walks of life who not only bring a vast and varied experience, but are also well educated and well informed about career trends. Our trainers are not mere trainers, they are prolific speakers and are able enough to make sure that a student receives attention as well as motivation because motivation plays a major role in encouraging a learner to learn.

A unique feature of Ocean English Academy is placement assistance. After the successful completion of a course, and once we are satisfied with the result driven from the student, we offer counseling to know his/her career motive. We have linked ourselves with some top MNCs and BPOs wherein we showcase our students for job opportunities. A job procurement by our student means success to us and that is what we aim at.

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy,” synonymous to this saying we believe that a little fun is not injurious. Hence we organize fun activities from time to time as well so that our students are not bogged or burdened down with trainings all the time. We organize excursions as well from time to time which is completely voluntary in nature for our students.

Ocean English Academy Key Points:

  1. We understand English Language Training as nobody else does and we are proud of it.
  2. We have a vast and varied experience in English Language training and have trained students from all walks of life.
  3. Our training pedagogy is industry and career oriented with 100% result orientation.
  4. Out training methods aims at achieving the deliverables of the course.
  5. We follow a bilingual mode to facilitate comprehension and transition of thought process in English Language.
  6. We have trained people from all industry verticals.
  7. Our trainers are recruited on stringent parameters so that they are in alignment with the expectations set from them.
  8. We offer pre and post assessments to understand the level of our learners.
  9. We offer practical sessions by exposing students to different language learning softwares as well as interaction with guest corporate professionals.
  10. We value your money, hence we would do anything and everything to help you learn, grow and command soft skills.