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Want to overcome the fear of speaking English at your child’s Parent Teacher Meeting?

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Want to be a charismatic and dynamic personality?

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Want to develop self-confidence?

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Find it frustrating to hold conversations in English?

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Aspire to carve a career abroad?

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See no way of getting promoted at work?

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Find it difficult to strike a great business deal?

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Want to supplement your source of income?

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Fail to crack job interviews?

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Have a strong desire to speak English fluently?

Age of Customization

As the name suggests, “customisation” is the key to productiveness and as such we, at Ocean English Academy are striving hard continuously to help you in all your endeavours and excel at providing customised English language speaking courses to suit your specific needs. We are a firm believer in the fact that a spoken English course cannot be rigid by nature. Hence we revise and improvise our training modules periodically to make it more effective for the learner. It really doesn’t matter where you are from and what your purpose of learning English language is, we at Ocean English Academy vow to help you fulfil your dream of speaking English fluently come true, in no time.


As we all are aware that Grammar plays a pivotal role in English language, our spoken English course has a detailed outline of all the grammatical subjects that a beginner must know to step into the world of learning this language. A common question among beginners, “how to speak English fluently?” or “how to improve English?” has been answered diligently by our trainers. Our trainers strongly believe that unlike other institutes, where the approach towards grammar is more theoretical in nature, one has to only pay attention at the practical usage of it and as such should learn only that much which is required to learn to speak this language fluently without any grammatical errors. Through this research, we have developed a module that is dedicated only to the practical usability of grammar. We must understand that Grammar is a vast area in itself and it will be absolutely futile to learn everything in it if it’s not used practically. Hence, we aim at teaching you grammar only to that extent that will be effective and productive in your development of language skills. Our classes on grammar followed by classes for English conversation and group discussion classes targets the practical applicability of grammar lessons in the same session itself.


Another salient training course that we have is for IELTS.  Rated as the Best IELTS classes and IELTS coaching in Gurgaon, this is another domain where customisation plays a crucial role. After a stringent research on the pattern of the test and the quality of questions being asked in the test, our IELTS trainers have devised tips and techniques that would ensure a streamlined and a very efficient learning process for an IELTS test taker.  The training methodology revolves around the technical aspect of IELTS and imbibes the intrinsic qualities of the test in the student ensuring that the student is used to with the pattern thoroughly and doesn’t face any obstruction in taking the test. IELTS moreover is a principle based test and hence it becomes all the more important for us to help the student strike a balance between the pattern, need and performance followed and required in the test.


Having said about the main critical areas of training, we would like to advise that the same objective is incorporated in the other training courses as well. All the other courses have also been customised accordingly to bring out the maximum potential in them and to ensure that the targeted deliverables are achieved. Learning at Ocean English Academy for any course based on skills development, is simply rooted to creation of ideas through innovation. We sincerely hope that when you join us and complete a course you will be contended with yourself and state with pride that you have learnt something that will go a long way in parallel with your personal and professional life.

Our Teaching Methodology

The correct approach with the right methodology goes a long way in attaining our objectives successfully. We strongly believe that to achieve anything in this world, RIGHT METHODOLOGY is of utmost importance.


Our Teaching Methodology aims at the below mentioned cardinal rules:


  1. Re-organizing your present knowledge of English language you have acquired so far in a way that it shouldn’t look like a waste to you.
  2. Equip you with techniques to learn basic Grammatical and Vocabulary concepts at a fast pace which is more practical in nature.
  3. Developing an understanding of how a language functions in simple as well as complex situations.
  4. Being process-driven which starts delivering results from day one itself.


As a renowned spoken English institute in Gurgaon we are proud to boost of our teaching methodology which is extremely innovative in nature. The need analysis of a student from time to time, makes it clear to our trainers in which direction the training is progressing and how much has the student acquired in terms of skills and competency in communication.  Through this vital step, we develop innovative ideas to enable a practical approach towards learning as we opine that we are not running an institution that certifies, instead develops the potential of deliverance in a student.


Our teaching methods are revised regularly to be in abreast with the need of the students. The areas of improvement play a major role in them and hence a weekly or fortnightly S.W.O.T Analysis is done to monitor the progress of the students. Hands on training with state of the art resources and other classroom learning features all adds up to the efficiency and effectiveness of our courses.


We also have the facility on one on one session where the students can clarify all their doubts unanimously with the trainer. The one on one feature has also been introduced keeping in mind the learning curve of a student and his/her grasping ability. This sort of session has proved extremely efficacious for students who are shy or have slow paced understanding process. We certainly vouch that when it comes to effective delivery, we don’t compromise at all.


To put it precisely, we would like to emphasise that ours is a kind of training methodology with which thousands of people have been already trained successfully and now it’s your turn to learn!


Pick up your phone and dial +91-8588884408 to book a free counselling session now!

Why to Take this Course?

The importance of English can in no way be undermined in today’s scenario, particularly for those who are on the threshold of entering the job market. Young graduates are intelligent, knowledgeable and tech-savvy but may be poorly equipped with English or may not have adequate knowledge and practice of English speaking.

This often leads to low self-confidence. Along with good spoken English, soft skills (also known as ‘people skills’) are a very desirable and highly valued set of skills to get a job and to further enhance career growth prospects. It is a well-researched fact that most prospective employees do not have the necessary soft skills which is of utmost importance for the recruitment and career advancement in life.

About Ocean English Academy

Ocean English Academy is a leading Spoken English Institute in Gurgaon imparting English language speaking courses. Our spoken English course is our unique selling point as we have our very own in-house published training material for it. We provide dedicated classes for English conversation and our group discussion classes in Gurgaon are unmatchable with any other institute. We also offer personality development courses in conjunction with people skills training. Our personality development courses are so effective that you will notice the change in no time in yourself.


We are one of the pioneering institutes in Gurgaon to provide the best IELTS classes for test preparation. If you are looking forward to take up the IELTS test, please note that we offer the best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon and our method of IELTS preparation in Gurgaon is absolutely different and 100% result driven in comparison to other institutes. Among all the IELTS coaching centers in Gurgaon, we have a devoted team of trainers who have themselves taken the IELTS test and have designed the course as per the student’s requirements and we can confidently state that any student who takes up IELTS preparation at Ocean English Academy, will definitely achieve the desired band score in the test.


We also offer soft skills training classes in Gurgaon. We interpreted the importance of soft skills long time back and today we are a favorite among the professionals who are looking forward to an opportunity to enhance their career to the next level.


In the corporate training segment, Ocean English Academy has been awarded as the best corporate training institute in Gurgaon by the top IT and manufacturing companies. As a provider of corporate training in Gurgaon, since the year of establishment, we have remained the first choice for corporate training services by the clients. Our trainers provide highly interactive and result-oriented corporate training. As the best corporate training institute in Gurgaon, Ocean English Academy serves small, mid-size and big enterprises by customizing training programs to fit in the time-slots and company budget.


If you are looking to know how to improve English or how to speak English fluently, our spoken English courses are just meant for you. Just pick up the phone and call us now for more information. Alternatively just walk in and we shall be more than glad to assist you. You can also get information on our English speaking course online from here.


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